My own creation after reading Sharpie Art Workshop by Timothy Goodman

DOORS Wizard sharpie creation.

Having just finished reading Sharpie Art Workshop by Timothy Goodman I decided to search the house for any sharpies that I could find. Only got the one.

sharpieIt wasn’t enough to deter me from getting inspired to create the image you see in this post. The book has lots of great ideas and examples to get the creating juices flowing.

Mind you I’m a long time software developer who is eager to let his creative side out. I’ve been going to the library for the past 8 years and this is the latest string of books that caught my eye.


Building up confidence, more relaxed in front of the camera

Having been selected as a repeat IBM Champion in 2012 I was able to explain myself more clearly in terms of what it is that I do. This is a video blog on the IBM developerWorks website: IBM Champion Alex Ivanov on Requirements Management with Rational DOORS.

It certainly helps to have an award next to your name, given out by vendor. Moral of the story here, is there are so many people in this world, with so much information to process, any chance you get to make yourself stand out – go for it! Over the past year I’ve improved my communication skills due in large part to completing two Dale Carnegie courses: High Impact Presentations and Effective Communications, so now I have a new pair of lenses to look through as far as how to approach the situations I had done with no real training in the past.

Needless to say I’m completely sold on the effectiveness of the Dale Carnegie methods and am enjoying putting into practice everything I have learned.

Navigating the corporate waters, a look back at the past 15 years

Here I am sitting at a Starbucks, finishing up a 10 day vacation back in Boston, MA and doing a bit of reflecting on the past 15 years. My younger brother, Andrew Ivanov, has just graduated from Boston University.

To think that 15 years ago that was me getting my BU diploma, 2000 was also the year I went on my 1st interview (wearing white socks and becoming the laughing stock of my whole office), landed my 1st job with Raytheon (on June 5th, 2015 I’ll hit my 15 year milestone).

To make it 15 years with the same company is quite something in this day and age and it hasn’t been without ups and downs, but if you put your mind to something you will marvel at what can happen (not at once, I don’t think there are many shortcuts). I now find myself living in Redondo Beach, CA working in a city I knew no one just a couple of years ago.

I have learned a lot of the past 15 years, and am now positively addicted to non-stop learning whether it be from people, books, videos you name it. Commit to bettering yourself and you will be amazed at the heights you can reach. I am proud to say I have been able to overcome my shyness, go from fearing public speaking to absolutely loving it, and am now excited to share with you the tips and tricks I use to better myself in all facets of life.

As I set out to blog on a regular basis I will share with you my story, the things I’ve learned that you might find of use. For those of you that have met me, if you have ideas on what you’d like to see my write about please leave a comment.

Here’s one to new experiences, green room, make up and lots of Q & A

Breaking out of my shy shell began with people asking me about my code (i.e. what does it do, and how can it help me). I wasn’t big on answering questions, what if I didn’t know the answer. When people ask you things on topics you know well a strange thing happens, you gain confidence by providing answers and having people thank you for it. I was thinking to myself doesn’t everyone know this, apparently not. Provide answers when they add value and your confidence will grow.

I always enjoyed working with others and sharing my knowledge and in June, 2012 I got a chance to be a movie star. I was escorted into a green room, had some powder put on my face and was asked many questions around how my company uses DOORS (IBM Rational DOORS as I was told to say as opposed to just DOORS). 5 months after the 30 minute interview a nicely made clip appeared on YouTube.

I am glad I wasn’t the one dealing with video & editing, all I had to do was answer questions based on my experience. This video illustrates another important point I have really come to appreciate of late, we all have a limited amount of time, so it’s important you focus on those things that you are confident in and let others take care of the things you aren’t. You have to remain genuine in whatever it is that interests you, and others will be able to tell when it is coming from the heart.

My very first live interview… how did I do? You be the judge.

This interview took place at the IBM Rational Innovate 2011 conference. Leading up to this I had already attended 8 conferences, 7 through Telelogic User Group conferences because I’ve been around DOORS for 12 years. I’m happy I stuck to what interested me as opposed to spreading myself thin and going after different job roles, which is frequently what is recommended to get broader experience. What isn’t mentioned is that if you stick with what you like (and are lucky enough to find something you enjoy) you can go out of your way to continue learning about many different topics to ensure you are always expanding yourself (my current favorite learning mechanism is video based courses on

Talking to other people has helped me become a better rounded person, being in a role where I’m able to help others has also been a tremendous help. Don’t just do what you are told, go out of your way to help any time you can (not only when people ask). In this short interview I talk about my recommendations to find yourself mentors, formal or informal, with the advent of social media you have access to a tremendous amount of bright minds so this could be as easy as following someone’s blog.

The first blogger I followed for several years was Trent Hamm of, needless to say I recommend checking his site out. I used his site to discover many of the books that helped me become the person I am today.

As you will notice from this post there are many variables at play here, and regardless of where you are you can start checking out some of the recommendations here or find what interests you, I can’t stress how important I think it is to get out and meet people whether it be in person or online, with the amount of information out there I find it’s next to impossible to just seek things out, and my time is better spent learning from people that have been there done that.

This interview was particularly exciting for me as IBM unveiled a new recognition in 2011 and I was selected into an elite group of only 10 people across the world that were recognized as IBM Champions. This included having my picture and name flashed on the big screen as part of the morning’s keynote session (over 4,000+ people in attendance).

Now you might wonder how I was selected as an IBM Champion, the answer is simple, I have always gone out of my way to help people and when I learned through my network that IBM was accepting nominations, I nominated myself. Another lesson here is that if you don’t ask you won’t ever get a Yes, so ask and go after the opportunities that life presents to you. They are all around us sometimes we are just too caught up in whatever life throws at us to pause, reflect and take in what we could be doing.

Sharing my story, knowledge and how I got here in the hopes it inspires others.