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Building up confidence, more relaxed in front of the camera

Having been selected as a repeat IBM Champion in 2012 I was able to explain myself more clearly in terms of what it is that I do. This is a video blog on the IBM developerWorks website: IBM Champion Alex Ivanov on Requirements Management with Rational DOORS.

It certainly helps to have an award next to your name, given out by vendor. Moral of the story here, is there are so many people in this world, with so much information to process, any chance you get to make yourself stand out – go for it! Over the past year I’ve improved my communication skills due in large part to completing two Dale Carnegie courses: High Impact Presentations and Effective Communications, so now I have a new pair of lenses to look through as far as how to approach the situations I had done with no real training in the past.

Needless to say I’m completely sold on the effectiveness of the Dale Carnegie methods and am enjoying putting into practice everything I have learned.

Things happen for a reason, you just don’t always connect the dots.

Earlier this week I stopped by Starbucks for my usual morning iced coffee and something odd happened. I went to pull out a straw from the container of unused straws and this is what I unwrapped. Picture of a defect in a straw.If you look closely you will see that it’s already bent in two places. Instead of tossing it out and grabbing a new one I figured this would be a good topic for my next post (the one you are reading now).

The idea here is that things always happen around us and it’s those things that are out of the ordinary that actually make the biggest impact. Where is the fun in always doing & seeing the same thing. The story gets even more interesting, because before I had a chance to write about my quirky experience I was asked by my daughter to give her the apple juice that she had bought earlier in the day with her mom (my lovely wife).

The weird thing here is that the apple juice carton was missing the straw it should have come with. Now lucky dad (me) happened to have an extra straw in the car waiting to be featured in a blog post. Needless to say the excitement on my kids faces when I showed the straw I had in the car so they could share the apple juice.

The moral of the story here is that wonderful things are always happening around us, if you pause and notice them it’s amazing how things all of a sudden start clicking. I didn’t get to where I am today by accident, but in retrospect it has been a lot of hard work and continuous search for the little things and one day all of a sudden just start adding up when you least expect it.

No matter where you are right now, I recommend you take a break and take in those little things that can make the biggest difference when you least expect it.

How to teach a Udemy course a treasure trove of resources

Given my high from completing my first Udemy course as illustrated in my previous post  I took no time relatively speaking and completed my 2nd course: How to Create Your Own Udemy Course.  I should point out this particular class is Free so all you need to do to sign up is to get an account, or better yet just log in with your pre-exisiting Facebook account.

Certificate for completing How to Teach  Udemy Course

There are numerous courses on this website, and as I learned the hard way most of them you can get for about $10 if you sign up to email alerts. The course that I have yet to complete which happened to be my 1st one as far as even finding out what Udemy is happens to be: Mini Habit Mastery: The Scientific Way To Change Your Habits. I am still making my way through it, needless to say I do believe in not trying to change too much at once and creating tiny goals for yourself.

The course I just finished has a large number of resources available to you, so if you are like me and teaching is something you do even if not for Udemy it’s a worthwhile course on how to create a worthwhile course to set yourself apart from the others.

Launch of my very own website.

It took me a while but I finally created my own webpage. I am the type of person that doesn’t just jump into something without learning a bit about it first. In this particular case I applied my usual method of learning something new.

First see if you can find a real person who is an expert in what you want to learn. In my case I was fortunate to find a class being taught after work in my area on WordPress 101 taught by Adam Silver. It was great to learn from someone who is clearly passionate about using WordPress and having a class room of other like minded individuals was another bonus in that if you can sit in and hear others asking questions it provides more opportunities to learn.

My second step was to find an online video based course I could take at my own pace. The after work class was a great start but I wanted something more so I signed up to an online course Create, Update and Manage Your Own Website Using WordPress by Kathleen Farley.  After a few weeks of going through this at my own pace I’m happy to say I’ve finished it and have now taken the plunge into getting content onto my website.

This is the first course on Udemy that I actually completed, needless to say I highly recommend it.

Alex Ivanov's WordPress Completion Certification