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Spend less time shopping at Costco or any other store

After several trips to the store where you invariably forget that thing you were supposed to buy or constantly trying to re-write shopping lists I decided enough was enough so I spent probably no more than 30 minutes putting together 3 notes (1 for Costco, 1 for Trader Joe‘s and 1 for the Russian store) in Evernote. Mind you I always on the lookout for strategies on how to most effectively use this powerful tool and have read numerous books on Evernote. As a side note I tagged each note with the shoppinglist¬† tag to make it easy to find my 3 lists any time I need to. A picture of a Costco shopping list put together in Evernote.Having created this once, I now have several things going for me to save valuable time in the future. I print a new copy of this list every time I need to go to the store and underline those items we need. This makes it easy to review what we usually buy and quickly determine what is needed this time around (a peek into the fridge helps as well).

1. Organization by store of what I should buy where. By having a single list in Evernote I can go back in and update it anytime I want to, needless to say I’ve figured out what is cheaper (without sacrificing quality) and more effective to buy at Costco, versus Trader Joe’s and likewise the Russian store which basically summarizes the 3 stores at which we do all of our grocery shopping.

2.  The number of items on each row stand for the locations of where the items are in the store. This becomes yet another time saver, as I always tend to go to the same store and organizing the shopping list in the order of how I walk through the store and taking into account how the items are organized spells even more time savings. For example Fish, Chicken and Bagels are the 1st items I would walk by as I start to make the circle around the store and thus they show up on the 1st row of my shopping list.

3. By having all my lists in one place, I know exactly where to make an update the next time I need to add an item to the list. No more re-creating notes from scratch and forgetting that one main thing I was supposed to get. Today having run out of scotch moving tape, I’m updating my Costco list as this is where I would grab some more or if I can wait a few days Amazon is always a superb alternative (I have Amazon Prime which means FREE 2 day shipping on numerous items amongst other perks).

Having implemented this method for tracking our shopping lists I am happy to say this is one area I find myself quite efficient in, and the more efficient you can become in all aspects of your life the more time you have to spend on that which is most important to you.